Prion 85

Wilderness Equipment

Much like its bigger cousin, the Lost World, this pack combines essential break-down modularity, compression ability and fit-out for alpine use with the strength, heavy-load comfort and weather-resistance demanded on extended, off-track journeys through rough, wet country. At 85+ litres the Prion 85 still has the capacity for long trips, where gear choices have been carefully made with a ‘leave anything luxuries at home’ mentality.

XS / S S / M L
Back Sizes (mm) 350/400mm 400/450mm 500mm
Bag Capacities (ltr) 80+ litres 85+ litres 85+ litres
Pack Weights (kg) 3.21kg 3.36kg 3.51kg
Bag Fabric High-density 275g corespun canvas
Reinforcing Layers 1000d nylon Kodra, PU coated
Colour Ocean/Grey, Olive Green/Olive Green
Internal Frame System High-tensile, aluminium, asymmetric cross
Shoulder Harness 3-D contoured Synchro-FORM with interchangeable insert plates
Hip Harness Synchro-FORM Hi-Load with 3-D multi-laminated pads
Harness Face Fabric Corespun canvas

About the Prion 85

For more than 40 years the WE range of outdoor gear has met the requirements of people who do hard, extended trips into remote country. They may be outdoor professionals or people like ourselves who just love to get way out there. We remain devoted to this performance standard. The Prion 85 follows the path cut by its bigger cousin the Lost World in its pure devotion to the task of carrying big loads in difficult, remote environments, reliably, efficiently and with the best possible comfort.

The bag has a high, wide, roll-top canvas throat to accommodate the largest loads. In addition to the compression strap over the bag centre, the buckles at the ends of the throat fasten down to the long straps otherwise used to secure it. An empty pack bag will serve as a chest height bivouac bag. This pack is also well suited to rafting trips, particularly if there are walk-in or walk-out requirements. Going cross-country with a plastic barrel or duffle bag isn't much fun!

The back of the pack bag features our standard 'alpine' racking system. This versatile set-up works equally well in non-alpine use. While you can mount ice tools, crampons, skis and a snow shovel, you can also use it to secure a sleeping mat, or boots and clothing for creek crossings, even use it as a clothes line. The gusseted, self-draining front pocket serves as a useful storage place for laminated maps, skins and other compact items requiring quick access. (We often carry a thin HDPE cutting board there).

The bag has a complete side and top compression strap system. The pair of progressively inclined side compression straps are circular, giving a two-to-one purchase advantage. They are also removable. You can use them for emergencies or strip the pack down to clean it up for use in dense bush. Using the side compression strap system and the carefully contoured bottom side pockets, you have the choice of carrying skis high or with their tails projecting down and back below the pack base, in a way that does not clash with the backs of your legs.

The top cover, scalloped behind the head for look-up helmet clearance, features a large external 'camera' pocket and an expanding pocket underneath. When the top cover is removed - easily done-, built-in straps convert it to a very effective waist pack / bum bag, total capacity 13 litres. We have found this a very useful module for short side trips on foot or skis. (The weight penalty for this feature is less than the weight of the flimsiest daypack you would otherwise need to carry).

Options and Accessories

If you require hip pads with a longer reach, size Large pads are available and can be exchanged for the standard Medium size fitted (provided these are not soiled or worn). If you are particularly slim and require smaller reach hip wings both the standard medium hip pads and medium hip plates need to be changed to size Small. (Small pads do not fit on the standard medium length plates).

The Prion 85 pack can be fitted with our universal side pockets, supplied in pairs. They mount on the side compression straps. Mount the pockets with the outer band of our circular compression straps running over the pockets. This will stabilise them nicely.

Canvas re-proofing solution is available through your backpack retailer.

For pack liner bags and dry sacs we recommend those produced by Sea to Summit: The use of a dry-sac type pack liner bag will make this pack completely reliable during river-crossings and the wettest weather.