Deck Groundsheets

Wilderness Equipment

Simple but effective, the Deck groundsheet provides an incredibly waterproof barrier for sleeping under the stars, or under one of our Overhang tarps. Use laid out flat, or cinch the smart corners to form a tub when there’s water moving over the ground. The fabric is the same 100d ether based polyurethane coated nylon we use on our Arrow X tent, coated grey on the top to stay cool in the sun, with a red underside for emergency signalling. The Deck 1 is also the perfect size to use as a footprint for most two person free standing tents.

Please note: Sleeping mats and boots in product images are only for explanatory value, and are not included when you take ownership of a Deck groundsheet!

One Two Three
Code WE09971 WE09972 WE09973
Colour Red with grey coated topside
Packed Weight  0.36kg 0.48kg 0.56kg
Fabric 100 denier, ether based polyurethane coating, 8000mm
Dimensions (length × width m) 2.15×1.30m 2.15×1.65m 2.15x2.00m
Packed size (length × diameter cm) 28×13cm 21×12cm 29×18cm